Whites And Reds: 10 Things Beginners Need To Know

  • White wine is made using the juice and skin of grapes that are green, gold, or yellow in color. This is perhaps why wine enthusiasts like to emphasize that white wine is actually yellow, golden, or straw-colored and not completely white or transparent. Champagne, however, is made from the juice of a special variety of red grapes.
  • Red wine

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DUI Prevention: The 3 Best Party Snacks To Serve

Wine? Check. Beer? Check. Decorations? Check. Music? Check. What is missing? For your upcoming party, it is very important that you spend a little time planning the party snacks–debatably the best component of an awesome party. Here are some ideas for great party snacks that will not only impress your guests, but help prevent them from becoming a bunch

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5 Reasons To Try Wine-tasting

New wine: it tastes good...

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Most people enjoy a good glass of wine, but very few consider themselves to be experts. Strangers to wine-tasting often worry they’ll embarrass themselves by doing it wrong, but there’s really nothing to fear. A good wine-tasting experience will teach you the basics.

As with most things, wine is best appreciated when understood,

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Why Does Wine Stain Teeth?

I can’t think of any down sides to drinking a glass of red wine at the end of a long day. Oh wait, except the fact that it stains your teeth a purplish-gray color after drinking one glass. Why don’t other dark colored drinks like coffee or soda stain your teeth as drastically as red wine does? I’m here

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6 Tips To Prevent Drunk Driving After Your Party

You just hung the last picture frame and the mantle is looking just right; you’ve finally moved into your new place. This weekend you’re planning on throwing a housewarming party to break in your new digs. There’s going to be food, drinks, and maybe even some dancing. You’re smart, you know the risk of drunk driving and you want

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From Sicily to Skyscrapers: Nicosia Winery Comes to New York

Carmelo Nicosia currently owns Nicosia Winery, but he is only one in a long line. His great-grandfather, Francesco Nicosia opened the family’s first wine shop over 100 years ago in 1898. The original shop was next to Mount Etna and featured the best Sicilian wines. The family spent their time choosing the best wines in Italy and promoting them.

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4 Facts About Storing Wine

The ancient Egyptians considered storing wine to maturity alchemy, a privilege only for pharaohs. Wine storage is of prime importance if you are a collector and enthusiast, but an average drinker may not need a traditionally stored wine. Hence the world has both average and enthusiast drinkers, the storage techniques for both are quite different. Interestingly, there is scientific

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Wine 101

Wine is one of the most preferred alcoholic drinks by middle and high income earners. Although it is an alcoholic drink, it does not have any significant effects on the health of a human being when drank in reasonable amounts. The drink is made by fermenting the juice extracted from grapes. The process of fermenting it does not involve

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Personal Habits And Statistics Of The Import Beer Drinker

Most people enjoy a good brew, but there are those who love beer more than the average Joe. While there are wine snobs, there are also the beer elite, and of them, those that are self described import beer drinkers. Who are these people? What are their unique characteristics? Scarborough has done a deep dive to find the answers

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2 Underappreciated Wine Regions In 2013

When you take out a wine menu, generally speaking you’re looking for either a region of the world that you’re familiar with, or a type of wine that you enjoy. In some cases, like Burgundy for example, those two go hand in hand since Burgundy doesn’t make anything other than Pinot Noir when it comes to red wine.


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